Thai Sacred Master Monks

Thai Sacred Master Monks

History of Thailand Sak Yant Thai Tattoos

Luang Phor Taweesak and his Amulets

We have a combined 80 years of experienced Masters who explain and help us to translate the Sak Thai Kata Yant designs. The simplest explanation we find is the best answer.

History of Thailand Sak Yant Thai Tattoos

The words Luang Por, or Luang Phor as it is often spelled these days, is a Thai title to be used for revered or respected people. It is sometimes used within a close family, but most times it is used as a title of honor for a famous monk. It means Royal or Venerable Father. As the monk gets older, the term is sometimes changed to Luang Pi or Luang Phu, which mean Venerable Uncle and Venerable Grandfather. They are used as a title to show extreme respect for someone.

Luang Phor Taweesak, is also known as Seua Dam, which means Black Tiger. He is the only surviving member of the group of Bandits know as the Five Black Tigers. They were known for robbing the rich to provide for the poor. Luang Phor Taweesak was famous for using righteousness as Buddhist pride and at present he has donated more than four billion baht to help the poor. He has helped build universities, schools, child care units, hospitals and  other social centres. He has been responsible for providing the money for new roads to be built and has bought and donated land to the poor.

Luang Phor Taweesak is well known as a doer of good deeds to others and a charitable person. He is the most respected of all Guru monks in Thailand. He is famous for his ”flying” Takruts and protection and cloaking spells. He was from the Master lineage of Luang Phor Sook, a legendary Master of Magic and  Buddhism.

His amulets are considered to be some of the most powerful and effective available. All the articles and spells that have been created or blessed and chanted over by him are much sought after by collectors and people who believe the amulets and Takrut can help them. He also created Phayants, hand written spells and diagrams and printed flags.

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