Thai Sacred Master Monks

Thai Sacred Master Monks

History of Thailand Sak Yant Thai Tattoos

Luang Phor Supha and his Amulets

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History of Thailand Sak Yant Thai Tattoos

Luang Phor Supha was born on September 17th in 1896 in Sakon Nakhon province. When he was a young child, a monk visited his village and predicted that Luang Phor Supha would end up becoming an important figure in Buddhism. This came as quite a surprise to his parents who had not begun to consider what path their child would take.

Luang Phor Supha’s interest in Buddhism came when he was just seven years old, and his father took him to visit the local temple. Luang Phor Supha showed great interest and was immediately drawn into Buddhism. In two years, Luang Phor Supha decided to devote his life to Budhism and he became a novice monk in the Ratchathani temple.

Supha stayed at the temple until he was 16 years old. While he was there, he studied carefully and was able to retain the texts and facts of Buddhism and at astonishing rate. He studied under Prah Ma Ha La. When he was 16 years old he was asked to choose between becoming a Buddhist theologian or studying meditation and devoting himself to the precepts of the religion. Supha considered this question carefully before deciding to devote himself to the precepts.

Before he became a true monk, Luang Phor Supha endured the traditional jungle-journey called a tudang. He survived off leaves and sheer determination, crossing rives and villages all the way into Laos. After this journey he was ordained a monk in 1917.

Luang Phor Suhpa is well known for created 39 temples in Thailand. He lived to be 118 years old – a few he attributed to eating less, speaking less and only speaking the truth. LP Suph built 39 temples in Thailand and was well respected for his generosity and commitment to the Buddhist way of life.  He was known for only eating 9 spoon full of food at each meal in accordance with avoiding earthly pleasure.

His amulets are touted as being one of the most powerful available today. They are said to offer protection as well as bring good luck to those who wear it. One of the most well-known stories involving one of Supha’s amulets involves a shopkeeper who worked in an area known for robberies. One night while the man was closing his shop, he was attacked by a knife-wielding robber. The robber struck the man in the chest. Although the man’s shirt was cut open, the robber ran away when he realized that the knife did not penetrate the man’s skin. The shopkeeper attributes this to the amulet he was wearing.

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