Thai Sacred Items, Amulets, Takruts, Masks, Knifes etc.

Thai Sacred Items, Amulets, Takruts, Masks, Knifes etc.

Luang Phor Pern and his Amulets

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Luang Phor Pern was born on August 12, 1923. He began his studies in magic with Luang Phor Dang. It is believed that Pern first started studying magical charms to protect himself from dangers of soldier and civilian life. The area where he grew up was known for its roving gangs of robbers. After he completed his beginner studies, he focused on spiritual tattoos (Yant). He studied under Luang Phor Huem.

When Pern was 25 years old, he was ordained at Wat Bang Phra. Afterwards, he traveled to Luang Phor Oh Pah See temple to gain knowledge of the Buddhist and Visha ways of life. He remained there for about one year.

In 1953, Luang Phor Pern ventured into the jungle border between Thailand and Burma. This journey is called “tudong” and is seen as a way to build karma and gain understanding and insight into the ways of Bhudda. In the Buddhist year 2509 (1966), a statue of Luang Phor Pern was created to honor Pern’s compassion in the Nakhon Pathom province.

When Pern was 25, he become a monk and was ordained by Phra Ajaan Huem. Luang Phor Pern was a dedicated student and practitioner of Vipassanā (a type of mindful mediation). Luang Phor Pern also studied under and was a disciple of Luang Phor Opassi who was world-renowned for his powerful white magic.

Later, Luang Phor Pern went on another Tudong (pilgrimage) into the Kanchanaburi Jungle. This is one of the thickest and darkest jungles in the world. It is said to be full of evil spirits, sickness, poisonous insects and dangerous animals. The story of his pilgrimage explains that while he was in the jungle, he was protected by a large tiger that followed him everywhere. Since that journey, the tiger become the sign of protection for Luang Phor Pern.

Luang Phor Pern had a compassionate and charismatic personality that won him fans everywhere he went. He was well-known for being incredibly willing to use his powers and knowledge to help people. One example of his kindness is when he became the Abbot of Wat Koeg Khaemao in Nakom Pathom. When Pern become the Abbot, the temple was almost impossible to access and was in a state of serious disrepair. He spent many years developing and repairing the temple. The first amulets he created were declared sacred at the Koeg Khaemao temple.

He gave the amulets away and used any donations offered to repair and renovate the temple. Eventually, Pern accepted an invitation to become the abbot of Bang Phra temple. He accepted the invitation and become known for spiritual tattoos (Yant). The tattoo festival in March is one of Luang Phor Pern’s most well-known activities. Luang Phor Pern passed away at age 79.

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