Thai Sacred Tattoo. A Temple, Samnak, Sak Yant Samnak


Thai Sacred Tattoo. A Temple, Samnak, Sak Yant Samnak


Sak Yant Designs

We have a combined 80 years of experienced Masters who explain and help us to translate the Sak Thai Kata Yant designs. The simplest explanation we find is the best answer.


Chat Petch

Diamond Armour


Chat Petch. The sacred Yantra figures are connected and represent spiritual values continua spiritually and artistically. Some of Chat Petch Yantra‘s mystical powers include: Supporti lly flowing like water. It brings peace and balance, both spiritually and artistically. Some of Chat Petch Yantra’s mystical powers include: Supporting inner power, bringer of good fortune, protection from harm for family, yourself and loved ones, success in business and careers.

This Yant is usually on the shoulder, oppersite from the Ha Taew on the other shoulder but can be put anywhere above the waist.


Hah Taew

Five Lines

 Ha Taew is a very popular Yant and is said to be the first Tattoo a disciple should have. it is made of 5 lines, each representing a magical prayer:

The first row – will protect and cleanse your home and clear it from unwanted souls.

The second row – will repel bad karma and bad fortune.

The third row – will protect you against black magic and any kind of curse.

The fourth row – will give you success, fortune and luck in upcoming ventures.

The fifth row – will energize your personality and enhance your appeal to the opposite sex.

Yant Ha Taew – is designed to improve your Karma and Destiny, gaining its power from the four elements, fire, water, air and earth.

 Popular in Thailand with both men and women, the five lines

signify different areas of good fortune and health. This Yant is usually on the shoulder or the base of the neck but can be put anywhere above the waist.


Dok Bua Thong

Lotus Flower


Dok Bua Thong for attract love and luck, or to ensure successful progress in negotiations, while it also possesses qualities for spiritual cleansing of the mind and the body’s aura. It is normally tattooed on one of the Shoulder blades but can be put anywhere.


Dtao Ruen

Turtle House

It is believed that Buddha was once incarnated as a turtle. During that lifetime, the turtle grew to be the size of a house, hence the name Dtao Reun (Turtle House).

This Yant offers the bearer wealth and prosperity, good luck and long life.

It is also a very lucky animal in Chinese traditions. It is said that this Yant can help one to reduce emotional suffering. Can be tattooed anywhere on the body.



Elephant God


Ganesh is all about protection and power, much of his symbolism is related to safeguarding us from life’s physical and subtle obstacles.

His popularity is due to his ability to remove obstacles and because he is known as the Lord of Beginnings and therefore chosen by people who are beginning a new chapter to their life.


  • His elephantine head:The elephant is a symbol of strength and power Whilst many wild elephants are not dangerous, the ones that are found alone in the wild are extremely dangerous and often destructive. whilst they seem as gentle and calm, they have the potential to wreak havoc if they’re treated badly.
  • His large ears:These show that he listens to those who ask for help from him, with the largeness of them representing his ability to listen to many people.
  • His large head:This symbolises his intelligence and thinking ability
  • His small mouth:This indicates that he listens more and talks less.
  • His one broken tusk:This represents retaining the good but throwing away the bad that we do not need.
  • His small eyes:These re for concentrating and one-pointed focus.
  • His large stomach:This shows that he can consume and digest all the good and bad in life.

Gao Yord

Nine Spires


Gao Yord is normally the first Yant to receive as a tattoo. Also referred to as the “Yant Kru”, or “Master Yant”, it is generally tattooed on the back of the                               neck in order to control the other Yants placed below.

Nine is a sacred number in Buddhism, and anything related to this number will bring you good luck, the nine spires represent the 9 levels of the sky and are meant to lead the tattoo to Nirvana, enlightenment.

The set of three ovals represent Buddha and are added to the Yant to give it more power. The body of the Yant is usually made of a patchwork of small squares, each of them containing an abbreviation of a magic spell.

This Yant will bring protection against dangers, great power, authority over others, success, increased attractiveness, and good fortune.


Hanuman Song Sing

Monkey God Riding Phraya Sing


Hanuman Song Sing or Hanuman Ong Gao. Hanuman is a monkey god riding Phraya Sing. Whoever wears Yant Hanuman Song Sing can overcome all enemies. Represents strength, powerful, protection, to be invulnerable and succeed in life.

Can only be tattooed above the waist and this design needs a lot of room.


Maha Sawang


Maha Sawang Yant can help protect the wearers from sickness, diseases, bad Luck and dangers.


Ki Lang

Mythical Lion


Mythical Lion: Representing Victory, Immortality, and Invincibility.


Suea Hiaw Lang

Tiger Looking Back Left

A Suea Hiaw Lang, or “Tiger looking back”, which indicates that the magic will be watching the back of the wearer for any unseen misfortune and will find some way of warning him before that happens. Most of the animal Yants have the attributes of that animal, the tiger has stealth, speed and power. This Yant is suitable for people with authority and respect. Thai people believe that those who are born in the year of the tiger are very strong by nature, and this Yant is often used to change a person’s life from bad to good. This Yant is popular with the military, police, businessmen and politicians. Those that wear this yant must be a responsible and caring person and use their authority in a positive way.





Mangkorn means dragon and in this Yant the dragon tattoo is to protect from all harm and bad fortunes.


Soy Sung Warn



Yant Soy Sung Warn represents invulnerability. It is called a neckless. Soy Sung Warn is a yant worn in ancient times. a warrior would wear this across their chest to protected from danger and harm. Warriors also believe that no weapon could harm their body.




Yant Jorrakae , The crocodile is another Yant that signifies strength and power and tremendous endurance. Many boxers and members of the armed forces or other risky occupations opt for this design as it offers protection from all types of danger, The crocodile also has incredibly tough skin so it offers great protection against swords, blades or indeed anything that can pierce the skin. Yant Jorrakae or Crocodile yant is also known as Yant Thaerawad.



Son of Hanuman- Guardian Spirit

He is half-fish and half-deity, which is very handy as he guards the lake leading to the Underworld realm of Patal. In case you were wondering, his top half is a monkey and his bottom half is the fishy bit. Son of Suvannamaccha and Hanuman





Yant Takarb or Centipede Yant is represent as practical, sensible, balanced, invincible and protector, The Centipede’s wisdom Includes, balance, coordination, ability to survive stress. The two feelers represent apperception. The two tails represent patience. Two canines conscience and the two eyes gratefulness.

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